Here is the most common questions that we get on e-mails. 

1. Where are you located? 

  • We are located in Florida, USA.

2. Do you ship to Canada?

  • Yes. We recently opened the gate to Canada and the cost is $10. We are working on the shipping price so it will vary depending of the product.

3. Do I need an account to purchase?

  • No, but, we advise to create an account. We have a rewards program that earns you points. You can save up to 2000 points which is $20 off your next purchase. We grabbed the best things from our favorite stores and add them to Casual Modista. 

4. What are the payment options?

  • We have a couple of options:
  1. Credit card
  2. Amazon Pay
  3. Apple Pay
  4. Google Pay
  5. Paypal

5. I don't see the name brands anymore. What happened?

  • Our supplier closed their doors in USA and moved to their parent company in Europe. Therefor we stopped carrying the big names in our store. We are still looking for a reliable supplier here in USA. 

6. Do you sale fake or replica products?

  • Absolutely not. Some online stores do and disclose that you are buying a fake or replica of a product. We don't want to get involve on that market.

7. Where do you get the Mühle products, Ebay? 

  • No. We are partners with German American Beauty (Mühle USA) which is the exclusive importer and distributor of Mühle for USA and Canada. 

8. I don't see all the Mühle razors from their catalog, why?

  • They have a pretty big catalog. Now, that doesn't mean that you can't get it from us. You can e-mail us at info@casual-modista.com and let us know which Mühle you are looking for and we can get it for you. No extra charge. 

9. How fast can I get a special order Mühle?

  • It depends where you live and what Mühle you like. For example, Mühle USA is located here in Florida just like us. So, we can get a special order next day or in 2 days if the razor is available. When we get the product, we ship it to you via USPS Priority Mail so it arrives fast. So you can expect your Mühle in 4 days. 

10. Do you partner with other shaving companies?

  • Yes. We partner with Merkur, Dovo, Omega, and Rockwell Razors. 

11. Are you not carrying Elegance products anymore?

  • We do. At this time we are only carrying the pomade but we can get anything that you like at a lower price.

12. Some of your bracelets look like others in Instagram that are selling for a lot more, why sell them at $5?

  • We bought a lot of those spartan helmet bracelets at wholesale. We got them cheap, therefor we sell them cheap. Now, we carry high-end bracelets from Mister SFC which are the Ferrari of bracelets $20 — $25. Or, Lexi Butler Designs which are the Rolls Royce of bracelets, that can run you anywhere from $55-$120. When you buy from us, you get what you pay for, or your money back.

12. Are those Apple Watch Bands real Louis Vuitton?

  • Yes and no. Yes in the sense that they were made from real LV handbags so it is real. No in the sense that wasn't license by LV. Still real LV monograms, is just not license by LV France. 

13. I don't like anything in your store, why is that? **This is a real e-mail from back in March and real answer. I had no idea what to reply.**

  • Sorry to hear that. What can we do to change your mind? 

**If you have any question for us, send us an email, reach out in Instagram or Facebook. We are always replying to e-mails and DMs on Instagram. Stay Classy.

e-mail - info@casual-modista.com

FB - @casual-modista

IG - @casual.modista